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Industrial Gas & Cryogenics

The Industrial Gas division provides value added solutions to the CO2, Cryogenic and Welding industries. Through strategically positioned product lines, GEC is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications
from air separation plants to CO2 recirculation packages. Combining this with customized service and support programs has made GEC a respected global partner.

GEC works with companies to determine the best equipment for your NGL project while working with NFPA 58 and API 2510 guidelines,and for your NOX-SCR project while working within BACT guidelines. Our expertise allows us to be there during the planning, installation and startup of the NGL handling equipment. And we are there to support you after as well.

NGL Equipment

  • NGL liquid pumps
  • Compressors - 5-50 HP pumps - NGL's
  • Rotary gauges, storage tank systems, valves, valve fittings, relief valves
  • Meters, metering systems and terminal loading systems
  • Check valves - storage & pipeline back pressure and excess flow
  • Loading arms, swivels
  • Storage tank level gauges, level transmitters, thermometers
  • Manual & automated ball valves
  • Electric, waterbath, steam vaporizers
  • Rail unloading towers - tank walkways

NOX/SCR Equipment

  • Fuels, oils, chemicals - positive displacement pumps
  • Compressors - railcar and transport unloading
  • Side channel pumps - seal/sealless - low NPSHR - high head - NH3 - aqueous ammonia - urea solution
  • Loading arms and swivels
  • Rail unloading towers and tank walkways
  • Liquid meters
  • Check valves - back pressure and excess flow
  • Electric, waterbath, steam vaporizers
  • Ammonia storage system - valves, fittings, relief valves
  • Storage tank level gauges, level transmittes, thermometers
  • Manual and automated ball valves

Industrial Gas/Cryogenics

  • Liquid CO2 pumps and vapor compressors
  • Precision turbine flowmeters and electronics
  • Gas plant and cryogenic equipment
  • Manual and automated cryogenic ball valves
  • Pressure and flow control devices for liquid and gas
  • Hydraulic drive systems
  • Hoses - teflon and stainless steel flexible hoses and safety hoses
  • Hose reels
  • Cryogenic regulators
  • Cryogenic globe, gate, and check valves
  • Nitrogen boosting, hydrogen and CO2 compressors
  • Medical and CO2 ball valves
  • Telemetry for bulk CO2 tanks and cylinders
  • Safety relief valves
  • Bulk tank and liquid cylinder gauges

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