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  • Does Your LPG Application Need a Vaporizer?

    Learn how adding a vaporizer to a LP gas system can benefit your bottom line. Let the dedicated GEC sales team to assist in selecting the right equipment for your application. GEC offers industry-leading vaporizer brands, including Ransome Manufacturing and Algas-SDI. And with numerous vaporizer options and types,

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  • Vaporizer Solutions in the Field

    Our Outside Sales Representatives are always available to help customers. They provide on-site support for vaporizer installation, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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  • Don Estridge: Celebrating 45 years with GEC

    In June of this year Don Estridge, Little Rock, AR Customer Service Manager, celebrated his 45 year anniversary with GEC! Don is well known throughout the company for handling a high sales call volume and leading a dedicated team.

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  • GEC Little Rock, AR Branch

    Some things never change, like the great customer service people have come to expect from Gas Equipment Company, and the dedicated team at the Little Rock, AR branch. The staff have been at the branch for over a combined 160 years. Finding their very own "GEC Family". 

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