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Petrochemical & Refined Fuels

Since 1955, Gas Equipment’s Houston, Texas Division has been providing transfer and control products to the Refined Fuel and PetroChemical Industries. Through it's unique product offering, Gas Equipment has the ability to integrate off the shelf items into application specific solutions for our clients needs.

The Industrial Equipment for Petrochemical and Refined Fuels market segment covers equipment for various industries beyond petrochemical applications. We specialize in liquid transfer and vapor recovery systems, bulk transfer packages and pressure boosting applications. We are positioned as the top-of-mind source in many niche markets within the petrochemical industries and beyond as well as engineering contractors. GEC has the ability to provide custom solutions with off-the-shelf products to a world­wide audience.

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Our equipment suppliers

Sliding vane pumps, internal gear pumps, magnetic drive pumps, and industrial gas compressors for liquid transfer and vapor recovery

Sliding vane pumps and industrial gas compressors for liquid transfer and vapor recovery

Loading arms, dry break fittings, swivel joints & specialty loading ac­ces­so­ries

Hose reels

Positive displacement flowmeters & elec­tron­ic registration

LNG, LP-Gas & NH3 valves and regulators

Dry Break Couplings and Breakaways

Valves, controls & automation

Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps

Gear pumps

Side channel pumps

Single and multi-meter preset data gathering and batching BOL and driver interface at the rack

Break-away hose assemblies

Tank monitors

MannTek and Bayco couplings, loading arms, dry break fittings, swivel joints & loading accessories, electronic tank monitoring

HDC dry release couplings & adapters and SBC safety breakaways

Corrugated metal hose, expansion joints, and flex connectors

Meters-oscillating piston, nutating disc, mass flow and register

Valves and regulators

Turbine flow meters, monitors & accessories

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