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The Industrial Gas division provides value added solutions to the CO2, Cryogenic and Welding industries.
Through strategically positioned product lines, GEC is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications
from air separation plants to CO2 recirculation packages. Combining this with customized service
and support programs has made GEC a respected global partner.


  • Liquid CO2 pumps and vapor compressors
  • Precision turbine flowmeters and electronics
  • Gas plant and cryogenic equipment
  • Manual and automated cryogenic ball valves
  • Pressure and flow control devices for liquid and gas
  • Hydraulic drive systems
  • Hoses - teflon and stainless steel flexible hoses and safety hoses
  • Hose reels
  • Cryogenic regulators
  • Cryogenic globe, gate, and check valves
  • Nitrogen boosting, hydrogen and CO2 compressors
  • Medical and CO2 ball valves
  • Telemetry for bulk CO2 tanks and cylinders
  • Safety relief valves
  • Bulk tank and liquid cylinder gauges

Industries & Applications

• CO2 • Cryogenics • Welding

Industrial Gas Catalog

The GEC Industrial Gas Catalog
presented in PDF format.

Industrial Gas Catalog CD Cover